Elizabeth Gaucher

Writer, Editor, Digital Publisher

14359161_10155130093679041_1934146206817561803_nForthcoming in October 2016

This book of short stories doesn’t have a theme, but it does have a catch: Writers were told that all stories must contain this opening line:

“Kelvin pressed against the wound as blood seeped around his hands.”

All stories must end with this closing line:

“Watching the train disappear into the night, he brought the flower to his nose before tossing it to the tracks.”

What happens Between the Lines is the making of this unique collection edited by Bram Stoker Award winning writer and editor Michael Knost. Gaucher’s story, Acts, highlights her interest in spirituality, children, and mystery.

Acts is a powerful story that touched me deeply. Gaucher is very talented.

Michael Knost, award-winning author, editor, and columnist in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Supernatural Thriller genres.

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