Elizabeth Gaucher

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Hippocampus Magazine | Memorable Creative Nonfiction 2023

Interview with Elizabeth Gaucher, Founding Editor of Longridge Review

Anthology of Appalachian Writers | Shepherd University 2020

“Beyond the Palace” appears in Crystal Wilkinson Volume XII.

Bookstore Explorer West Virginia: The BiblioFiles – Elizabeth Gaucher, MFA | 2019

“Impractical Magic,” a love letter to Taylor Books, appears in Matt Browning’s collected reflections on West Virginia’s independent bookstores.

PD Wise: Sharing Stories and Wisdom | 2019-2022


My Neurologically Customized Family” uses a portion of Elizabeth’s MFA thesis as the foundation for expanded thoughts on a family’s generations of chronic neurological conditions and better living through acceptance and knowledge.

I’m Not Drunk

The Shoes

Sex and Chronic Illness: Letting Worlds Collide

Drabbelz | Spring 2018

Read Elizabeth’s five 100-word stories on Drabbelz.

Nine Lives: A Life in 10 Minutes Anthology | 2017

“Underneath” (TBA updated)

The Blog for #WVWCMFA | Spring 2017

“We’re introducing a new feature series this summer on our HeartWood blog: Craft Focus. This series will focus on issues of the craft of writing, examining the works of others and the tools we use as writers to craft our pieces. We’ll feature work from Wesleyan MFA student annotations on various works to discussions of specific craft elements, issues, and more.

Our first feature comes from Elizabeth Gaucher (Nonfiction ’15) who is sharing her annotation on Wendell Berry’s Recollected Essays 1965-1980, which she presented at the WVWC Graduate Studies Symposium, A Celebration of Scholarship. Read Elizabeth’s annotation here.

Burlington Writers Workshop | Spring 2017

BWW nonfiction editor, Nina Gaby, recently had this exchange with Elizabeth Gaucher, author of “Dialing the Dark,” an essay featured in The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2017 anthology. Elizabeth will be reading from her work at our book launch party, Friday, April 21, 6:30 p.m. at Contois Auditorium in Burlington’s City Hall. Update: You can listen to Elizabeth read at minute 25:27 here.

Still: The Journal | Summer 2016

Read Elizabeth’s essay, “Allons, Enfants: A Young Appalachian in Paris.” Still was founded by Kentucky author and New York Times columnist Silas House. This essay was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2016.

Pithead Chapel | February 2016, Volume 5, Issue 2

One and the same human being is, at various ages, under various circumstances, a totally different human being. At times he is close to being a devil, at times to sainthood. But his name doesn’t change, and to that name we ascribe the whole lot, good and evil. 

—Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Read The Whole Lot.

Mud Season Review | January 2016

Our nonfiction co-editor, Katie Stromme, recently had this exchange with Elizabeth Gaucher, our Issue #15 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what Gaucher had to say about the difficulty of writing “Where it Ends,” her thoughts on the representation of childhood and reconstructing memories, and her evolution as a writer.

Mud Season Review | December 2015

Elizabeth Gaucher’s memoir of a childhood friend, “Where It Ends,” dwells on what happens when the inside ceases to be a place of safety and a friendship has to stay outside, marking one in a series of endings—where does a childhood end, a life end, or trauma and loss end? “Who she was when we were young has faded in my mind’s eye, while my memories of the woodpecker’s eye, the push pin, and the dirty newsprint fingerprints have grown sharper, as has my sense of loss.” — Rebecca Starks, Editor-in-Chief, Mud Season Review

Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog | February 2015

In a guest column for Brevity’s “(Somewhat) Daily News from the World of Literary Nonfiction,” Elizabeth examines what it means to be so moved by someone’s writing that you may choose not to read it.

Read I’m Sorry You Scare Me

New Appalachian Radio | February 2015

New Appalachian Radio is a mixture of talk, interviews and music, dedicated to the Voices of Appalachia. Elizabeth’s interview with Eric Douglas’s program, Writer’s Block, is now a podcast online.

Still: The Journal | December 2014

Read Elizabeth’s essay, “Farm Dogs,” a finalist in Still‘s annual creative nonfiction contest. Still was founded by Kentucky author and New York Times columnist Silas House.

Hippocampus Magazine | December 1, 2014

A guest column for Hippocampus Magazine, an exclusively online publication set out to entertain, educate and engage writers and readers of creative nonfiction. Each monthly issue features memoir excerpts, personal essays, reviews, interviews and craft articles.

Read Writing Life: Leaving Your Bad Neighborhood

River Teeth | May 2014

“Crisp, vivid, lush in so few words. The final three sentences hold the essence of Beautiful Things.” — Shauna Hambrick Jones

Read The Necklace.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting | May 2, 2012

Elizabeth interviewed by Beth Vorhees for West Virginia Public Broadcasting, the Essays on Childhood project.

Listen to the 6 minute interview by clicking this link: http://www.wvpbmedia.com/news/2012/0502ChildhoodEssays.mp3

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